Monday, December 31, 2018

Welcome 2019

2018 is leaving and 2019 is nearly here.  For the first time I can recall, I'm not looking forward to the new year with anticipation of what may come, but more with apprehension.  I guess that's how you know you've officially reached grown up status. Worries about health and money and time trump plans for self betterment.

I was gone from this little blog for most of 2018 due to job stress and school, and that stuff hasn't gone away, but I realized I'm just happier when I'm blogging.  True, blogging can get stressful if you get wrapped up in your analytics and trying to make everything picture perfect, but if I just use it as a gentle push to meet my goals and try new things, and maybe as a bit of an online diary, it's much less intimidating.  Plus, I "met" so many wonderful bloggers online, and I really miss that.  I'd find myself talking about them to my IRL friends and really, they are like friends after a while.  I want that back.

So, I probably won't be posting all the time.  I'm aiming for about once or twice a week.  But I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone.  I've been reading blogs while I've been away, but not like I did when I was blogging myself.  And what can you expect to see here in 2019?  Book posts, cooking posts, self care things, nature things, health, and maybe even a little minimalism.  Sadly, probably no sewing posts since I packed all my sewing stuff up and moved it to the basement for the time being.  My life is always a work in progress and you never know what's around the bend, but I'll face it head on.  I'm guessing most of you feel the same way.

So here's to 2018, and what we learned and endured, and here's looking ahead to whatever it is 2019 may bring.