Friday, October 25, 2013

Artisan Bread Making Lesson 6 and 7: Part 1

Artisan Bread Making has moved on to rustic doughs now.  These two lessons involve learning how to make ciabattas, focaccia, and mini baguettes.  The dough for these breads is more tacky because it has more water in it.  It also sits overnight in your refrigerator, rising, using the cold fermentation method.  I really like dough because with just a little under a half an hour of prep last night, I had dough ready to go fairly quickly this morning.  Here's the dough fresh from the refrigerator.  It actually rose so well it as pushing against the plastic wrap I had used to cover it.
First, I cut off some chunks of dough for mini baguettes using my dough bench blade and baked them right away.  There's no need to let them proof first.  So, within twenty minutes of starting this morning, I had fresh baked bread.  The only problem is I think I cut my pieces too tiny.  The goal is for something between a bread stick and a baguette and mine were more along the lines of a breadstick.  Still tasty though.

While the minis were cooking, I got to work on my ciabatta. Ciabatta is fun because you roll it up into a loaf on a pan of flour.  (I used buckwheat.)  Then just let it rise on the pan for a couple hours, through it on a fresh pain with parchment and bam, ready for the oven.
Rustic breads cook the same weigh as all the previous breads- high temperature with steam.  The ciabatta came out looking delicious!  I love how the flour dusting looks.

When you cut it open, you're looking for air pockets.
And air pockets we have!

I can't believe I only have a few more lesson to go before I'm done with this class.  Look for a post next week on focaccia.  I wanted to make it today, but didn't have enough dough to try all three.

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