Sunday, January 5, 2014

Merry Christmas to Me!

I know Christmas is over, but I forgot to show what I got!!!

What could be under here?
Drum roll....

It's the Janome 5812!  I've used the same sewing machine that my parents bought me in high school- a sturdy little Bernette, that was already used when I got it.  But, this year for Christmas, Mom and Dad surprised me with a new Janome.  It's lighter than the Bernette, but all my presser feet are interchangeable which I was excited about, and it should top stitch much nicer than my old machine.  I'm still keeping my old machine because I'm sentimental and I figured it would be handy if I am ever without a machine for a while.  (I have to drive an hour to get my machine tuned up and then wait a few days and drive an hour to pick it up.)

It's so nice having a new machine!  It's not computerized but it does everything my old machine did and then some, so I'm pretty happy.


  1. What a nice surprise. I'd really like to acquire and learn to use a sewing machine this year, but first we have make a space in my house for a machine (and all its accroutements to live).

    I'm sure you'll be enjoying this baby this year.

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