Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Few Favorites Feb 9

It's been another week in the winter that never ends.  I try to remember that each one brings us closer to spring and all the good things that come with that.  And, there's more daylight each day now.  I'm just ready for long days, full of sunlight, the smell of fresh cut grass, and lemonade.  Do stores even sell lemonade in the winter? They must, but the thought of drinking lemonade when there's snow on the ground seems totally backwards, like listening to Christmas music when it hot and humid out.

Anyhow, I have found some things to enjoy this past week.  So, let me forget about lemonade and Christmas carols and share some other goodies.

1.  Live from the Artist's Den is this great show on PBS where big name artists play intimate shows in historic theaters and museums.  It's on Saturday nights on PBS where I live and you can catch everyone from Vampire Weekend to Sheryl Crow to Adele to The Killers on it.  They're in their seventh season.  Last night's episode featured Mumford and Sons.  Here's a clip from it with Mumford and Sons singing "I Will Wait".  It's just a great show, so check it out if you like good, live music.  

2.  This soup from Blissful Basil just tastes like something you should eat in the winter time.  It was my first time trying cream of mushroom soup and I really like it.  It just tastes rich, yet rustic, and it tastes good with homemade bread.  (Although what doesn't.)

3. Are you sad that Sherlock Season 3 has come and gone already?  If you're not sad, or didn't know that there even was three seasons of Sherlock, your homework is to go to Mystery!'s website and watch Sherlock.  For the rest of you, take the website's Which Sherlock Character are You quiz and let me know who you got.  I was expecting to get Molly Hooper or Mary Morstan.  But I got Sherlock Holmes.  I've never been so flattered to called a "high-functioning sociopath".

4.   And here's my quote for the week:

and really what more does a girl need?

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