Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Few Favorites July 20

Another week in the books. Summer seems to be flying. I wish winter would be so kind.  It's our town's carnival this weekend.  They call it the Northland Mardi Gras, but it has nothing to do with Lent and doesn't start on a Tuesday.  There's no beads, but there is a parade.  It's the highlight of summer here.  People who have moved away come back home every summer for Mardi Gras.

Anyways, I have a unique medley of favorites this week.

1.  Good thing to remember.  Life gets frustrating at times and some days, it feels like the best choice is to just go to bed and start over in the morning.  So, remember this next time your day is not going your way.  Tomorrow is a chance at a new start.
2.  I don't know how to embroider, but I want to learn some day. And I think this Queen Anne's Lace pattern would be perfect to start with.  The pattern is free at Posie.
3.  By Hand London has the cutest tank top pattern.  This is the Polly Top and you can get it for free!  If I get some other projects finished, I may attempt one of these this summer.
4.  And finally, who doesn't love a good peanut butter cookie recipe?  This one is from Lou Lou Girls.  I made them last week and they are super soft and chewy and pretty much perfect in every way a cookie should be.

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