Monday, August 11, 2014

Musical Mondays Farewell to The Civil Wars

It's been a busy week here.  Ingrid Michaelson was playing near here Satuday and I found out what of the girls at work was a fan, so we resolved to go.  She was playing about two hours from here, and we headed out pleny early so we'd have plenty of time to take in all the sights because it was an outdoor show at a festivel.  We were about halfway there, having just finished a late lunch at Panera Bread when I got a call from my husband that the show was cancelled.  I thought he was kidding at first, but turns out she had a family emergency and the rest of her August shows were cancelled.  So we hung out in the big city for the day and did all the things you usually don't take time for.  We were at the bookstore for hours looking at books (we're both avid readers) and reading magazines, we strolled Target and TJMaxx and had Mexican for supper and then headed to the big grocery store to get all those weird organic and vegan foods that aren't available in our little town.  We had deep conversations and talked about things we were passionate about and what our dreams were and what we wanted to do in life.  And it was so refreshing!  So nice to skip over chatter about what some celebrity was doing or even talk about work and get right to meaty, soul sustaining conversations.  I've missed that.  There's a quote from C.S. Lewis that pretty much sums up the day and here it is...

And in the end, I didn't even care that the concert was cancelled, because it was such a good day!

On a sad news front, The Civil Wars have officially announced they are breaking up.  Boo!  I remember when their first album came out, and one of my girl friends was raving about how awesome they were, but I thought they were "too country".  But, when "Safe and Sound" came out with Taylor Swift (of all people) came out, they totally won me over.  You want to know the one thing nice about their breakup?  They aren't blaming each other or saying that it's anyones fault or name calling.  It seems an honorable way to end their partnership.

So, in honor of that, here's a video for "The One Who Got Away"

So, as usual, you can check out everyone else at Musical Monday and see what's shaking.  It's always interesting to see what everyone else picks.

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  1. I am glad you had a great time. I am so sad The Civil Wars have officially broke up. I loved their songs and music.