Monday, August 21, 2017

Podcast Challenge 25-36

Well, I think it's getting harder to find straight up amazing podcasts, but every now and then I find a gem that I'm surprised I hadn't encountered before.  And while a lot of this batch are smaller or more niche, there's been some that are real treats.

25. The Fizzle Show
26. The Mythology Podcast
27. Write Now
28. Gone Cold
29. Process
30. Spilled Milk
31. Stuff You Should Know
32. Imaginary Worlds
33. Blog Fuel
34. Annotated
35. To The Best of Our Knowledge
36. An Uncluttered Life

Favorite of this Batch: Write Now
Best Surprise: Tie between Gone Cold and Blog Fuel
Definitely Going to Continue Listening to: Annotated

Five Favorites of 1-36:
  • Write Now
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class
  • Annotated
  • Criminal
  • Levar Burton Reads
So, I've made it more than halfway!  What do you think?  Is there any awesome podcasts out there that you can't believe I haven't tried yet?  And remember, if you want to follow along with my daily updates, check out my Twitter feed or Facebook page.

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