Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Few Favorites 9.22

This week has flown by!  I'm working seven days in a row at the hospital and we've been busier than normal.  I come home wide awake, hungry, and exhausted.  Not a good combination.  It felt relaxing just to curate this list before getting ready for another day of patients, call lights, and paperwork.

Here's what I'm loving this week:

1. My mom sent me this pin (via Pinterest of course) and it pretty much sums up my feelings towards life.  I'm not big on tee shirts, but I think it'd look super cute under a cardigan.  You can find this tee at WordBrand.

2. White chip macadamia nut cookies from Julia's Album.  These only make about a dozen cookies, but they're pretty tasty.  Oh yes, and be sure to toast your macadamia nuts before using them in the the cookies.

3.  Catnip filled mice tutorial from Craftster.  These are super cute, and predominately machine sewn.  I was looking for a tutorial that didn't involve all hand sewing.  I think these are going to be adorable!

4.  Fall is coming, so that means you're going to need a lovely cowl to keep your neck warm.  This one is from TinySheep on Etsy.  I have one in charcoal and I love it.  Her prices are super affordable, her craftsmanship is awesome and the cowls look great with a jacket, just a sweater, a cardigan, whatever. 

So there you are.  I'm hoping for a more productive week next week, with new things to craft and cook and maybe even a book to read.

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