Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ruffled Apron Reveal

So, I finally finished my ruffled apron from See Kate Sew's Ruffled Apron pattern!  I worked on it today, my day off, with several interruptions from my cat who apparently thinks stick pins are good to eat.  I finally kicked him out of my office until I finished cutting out my pieces.  He was perturbed, but at least I didn't have to worry about my pins ending up in his tummy, and the astronomical vet bills that it would result in.  Anyway, here's the finished project.

I wish I had better pics.  I asked my husband to take some, but he took two and I didn't like either one and finally decided to resort to taking them on my not to scale dress form.  I made the waist ties about twice as long as the pattern piece, because I wanted to be able to loop them around and tie them in the front.  Well, on me they are a little long but work great for this purpose.  On my dress form (that by the way, I am well aware is only for decorative use) the ties are way long.  Such are the problems of having a 23 inch waist.  But at least you get the idea.  I really liked the pattern and think I'll probably make it again.  I think next time, I'll make the neck ties as just one piece to loop over your head and I may shorten my ties a smidge, but I do like to be able to loop them around and tie in the front.  The pocket is a cute touch.  And this was really my first time doing machine ruffles.  Tip:  When you baste, use a weird color for your bobbin.  I used red, and it really stood out so I could easily see which threads to pull, and then after sewing my ruffle into place, it was easy to cut out the basting stitches- just snip the red threads in a few spots and pull them right out. 

Here's one more closer shot so you can see the colors and prints better.

I really like how the grey has that speckle in it.  Much better than a solid color piece of fabric, but not really anything that detracts from the main print.  So, I'd say Kate's pattern is a keeper, and I  think I'm definitely over my fear of ruffles.


  1. I like it- it's feminine but not too frilly. :)
    Well done!

  2. Thanks! It's kind of a fun apron. I like that it's not a fabric hog and that it goes together fast. I kind of wish I could get away with wearing it over a shirt out in public. A couple of years ago I probably would have.