Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Few Favorites 11.3

So October is done and we've already moved on to November. My windshield is frosted when I leave work at night.  Winter will be here soon.  But, there's still a touch of autumn left, here in Wisconsin.  So, here's a round up of some things I'm liking this week.

1. Banksy came to New York for the month of October.  My husband thinks Banksy is stupid.  I think he's kind of cool.  You can check out his website chronicling every project he did while in New York: Better Out Than In.

2. Roses and Lemons is this super cute Etsy shop.  She sells jewelry, bobby pins, flower crowns, and all sorts of cute things.  She's having a sale through November 10th, offering 30% off.  Check out her shop for more goodies.

3. Good thing to remember: "Someone else is happy with less than you have."  I found this on Pinterest and it's from a website called Soylent Green.  But warning, you could just fall down the rabbit hole looking at all sorts of funny, not so funny, and interesting things on this site.

4. I think of this as cheater tortellini soup.  It takes canned soup, but then adds sun dried tomatoes, and half and half to make it seem like you spent hours sweating over the stove making it.  And of course, the premade tortellini ups the yum factor.

So there you are.  Four things to check out this week.  Have a good Sunday.


  1. Thank you so much for including my shop in your favorites.

    Cecil Marie
    Roses and Lemons

    1. No problem! Your shop is super cute! And I love drawing attention to handmade goodness whenever I can!