Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Fabric Shopping

So Christmas is coming. It's okay to say it, even though we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet. It's coming, and if you make your own presents or decorations, it's coming fast. I wanted to make my own Christmas skirt this year.  I was planning on using the Festive Tree Skirt tutorial from SewCraftyJess but I just never found enough different fabrics in my stash, that I thought would go and still look Christmas-ey, and I'm really trying to keep from buying more fabric until I downsize my stash somewhat.  I found some snowflake fabric in a bin of blue fabric that I think will work fine for a plain old, one fabric tree skirt, and I did find a way to jazz it up a little, so I'm going to use that for this year, but here are some fabrics I found at (affiliate link) that I would love if I was allowing my self to buy some new fabric right now. I think I love that quilting cotton that looks like a knitted sweater best. I just want to order some to see how it feels. (I may have a fabric addiction, I know!)

So, if you're letting yourself buy fabric, or you need some for Christmas projects you really should check out's Christmas selection.  They ship for free if you spend at least $35 and they have just about anything you could want.  So if you find anything awesome, you think I should check out, let me know,


  1. They're all adorable! If the prints weren't so small, I could make clothing pieces out of them....but they'll still work well for crafts. Yay! :D

    1. One of these years, I'm going to make an awesome Christmas tree skirt out of gorgeous wintery prints. Just not this year. :)