Thursday, April 24, 2014

ePantry Review

Last week I got an email from ePantry offering me free shipping for a year AND 30% off my first order. So, I figured I'd go check out their website and see what they were offering. Turns out they offer some of my favorite cleaning brands and will ship them directly to your door on a monthly basis. You enter your household size and enter a few questions and they will put together a recommended shipment schedule of items and frequency, but you can totally tailor it to what you need or like. They offer a lot of Method and Mrs Meyers products (both of which I love).

I stuck with most of their recommendations, but also add toilet cleaner and body wash, and got rid of the all purpose cleaner because I currently have plenty. I settled on laundry soap, softener, dishwasher detergent, two bottles of dish soap, two bottles of hand soap, body wash, and toilet bowl cleaner. They shipped fast and well packed, with all the tops taped down to prevent product from leaking out in transport.

Here's what my order looked like, and it was about $43 for everything you see.
Here's my pros:
  • Free shipping on all orders for the first year!
  • Eco friendly companies that are hard to find in my small town.   (I have to drive almost an hour to get any Method or Mrs Meyer's products.)
  • You can pick what scent you would like for each item, adjust quantities, skip months or just postpone two weeks if you don't need more items at shipment date.
  • They offer bottles or refills packs.
  • Your credit card isn't charged until your order ships.
  • No service charges or fees.
  • Honestly, I haven't found any yet.  It'd be kind of awesome if they offered JASON products too.  Then I probably wouldn't even to leave my house except for food.  :) 
So, do you want to check them out?  Yes you do! Click my referal link: and we'll each get a $10 credit .

Note: ePantry is not an affiliate and all views are my own.

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