Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Few Favorites April 27- Etsy Earring Edition

I work at a hospital so they kind of discourage us from wearing a lot of jewelery.  It's not forbidden, but you're wearing scrubs, you're going in and out of isolation rooms which means you're constantly gowning and gloving up, and washing your hands a lot.  So, basically I wear my wedding and engagement ring (it's a nice channel cut setting so it doesn't tear up plastic gloves) and earrings.  Always earrings. 

When I started as unit clerk, I just bought a box of scrub tops off Ebay.  Scrub tops cost a lot when you buy them new and they resell for pretty cheap used.  It worked out pretty well, except most of them are prints I'd never have bought on my own.  Lots of pinks, lots of hearts, lots of butterflies.  But, they serve the purpose and I've bought a few here and there that are more me.  So, one way I can kind of put my own style on my work clothes is with earrings.  I've bought a lot of earrings on Etsy through the years and always like unique ones. 

So, today I thought I'd share some of the cool ones I've come across on Etsy lately.

1.  These Teal and Red Retro Earrings from Renaisy Daisy Designs are made out of fabric and are just so bright and cheery. Plus, they look like they'd be super lightweight.  $10

2.  These White and Blue Floral Earrings from eteniren are made in Ukraine.  She makes all her flowers from hand so no two will  be exactly alike.  She has other designs in her shop also, like pansies and roses and tons of other products.  $15

3.  These Bohemian Purple Earrings from Copper Tree have an awesome purple patina to them.  I would wear these all the time. $25

4.  I always like some funky, animal earrings.  These hedgehog earrings are from Novelty Jewels and are super cute.  She has other animals too, like lobsters, whales, turtles.  One nice thing about scrubs is that you can totally pull off novelty earrings with them.  $12.

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