Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February Book Recap

So February was a mixed bag as far as months go. I got a lot read, didn't add anything new. I celebrated my 33rd birthday (which in itself is a mixed bag). Got a lot accomplished, but was also off work a lot- which is part of why I was able to get so much accomplished. And, our family dog, Gus, which my parents got when I still lived at home, before I had even met my husband, unexpectedly passed away.

Books Read
February Book Recap

But, lets focus on one of the positives.  Here's what I read:
  • C.S. Lewis: Through the Shadowlands by Brian Sibley- This was my favorite read of the month.  C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors and I really enjoyed getting a kind of peek into his life and especially into his marriage.  It's always interesting when you picture someone a certain way and then see another dimension of them that changes how you view them.  I also liked getting more of an inside look at his Inklings group and what went on there.  It's an inspiring story, but sad in parts too.  I cried at more than a few points. 
  • Little Wolves by Thomas Maltman-  This book was interesting, but I felt the story got a little out of control at the end, and unrealistic.  There was a lot of Norse mythology and symbolism from the author in this book.  It felt a little heavy handed at times, like one of the character getting scares in his palms that they compared to the stigmata.  From the point of view of someone who works in health care, I didn't really buy the cause and that he survived the "accident", but who knows, maybe he was supposed to represent Christ and how he changed afterwards represented a resurrection of sorts.  Others may like all the symbolism, but for me, when I read a mystery, I just want a mystery.  And I felt like this book could have been a great story without the extra sprinkles- it's the story of a high school kid who shoots the town sheriff and the effects it has on his pregnant English teacher, his father, and the town in general.  What had he planned?  Why had he done it?  The dust jacket said Maltman is a creative writing teacher and it shows.  It's not good or bad, it just shows.  If I stumble across another of his books, I'd probably pick it up because he writes well and keeps you turning the pages, just not my preferred style.
  • Life Sentences by Warren W. Wiersbe- I just realized this is the second book called "Life Sentences" that I've read in the last few months.  This is nothing like Laura Lippman's book though.  Wiersbe's book is 63 mini character studies of people from the Bible.  They were interesting and offered new insight into their lives and backgrounds.  Each was only a few pages long, so I read one with my morning quiet time.
  • The Snow Child by Eowyn Evey-  I really liked this book, and it was a fast read, even though it was a decent size book.  I had first heard of it when I was paired with Jolene of With A Little Help From My Friends in a book swap, and she had requested it.  Basically, the meat of the story is about an older couple who have moved to the wild Alaska of the 1920s, they are unable to have children and are barely surviving at making a homestead for themselves.  Mabel, the wife, is despairing, even though it was her idea to move to Alaska, her husband fears he's too old for the back breaking work and is worried they won't last another year there.  Their relationship is strained and almost to the breaking point, but one night, the snowflakes are falling big and fluffy, and in a moment of lightness, they make a snow girl, just for fun.  The next day, they're visited by a girl with a red fox who is wearing the mittens they had put on their snow girl and seems to be from the woods.  As the story progresses, you only get more and more confused about the girls origins- is she an orphan, a fairy, or just a delusion of two desperate souls?  The Snow Child is partially based on a Russian folk tale.  I was sad with the ending, but it was definitely worth the read.

What I acquired? Nothing!  I was a good girl this month, but I don't expect it will last through March.  There's a library book sale in my friend Lori's town, so I'll be checking that out this month!

2016 Totals
Read 7
Acquired 6

And here's a picture of Gus.  He loved to ride in my Outback.  (Probably because it usually ended with a trip to the park or McDonalds.)  He was such a good boy and already missed!

Gus Dog
Gus, my parents dog, riding in my car last summer.


  1. Sending hugs on the loss of your beloved Gus. I really liked the Snow Child but haven't read any of the others. x

    1. Thanks Kay! Gus was definitely like a member of the family.

  2. So sorry about Gus. Losing a pet is always so hard.

    Good for you not acquiring any books this month! It's a great feeling to make a dent in the TBR pile. :) I've heard of The Snow Child before, and you've finally convinced me to add it to my Goodreads TBR. Life Sentences sounds interesting, too.

    1. Serena, books are definitely the thing I hoard the most. But, I'm trying to be better. I already found new homes for three of these books, but I think I'm going to keep Shadowlands. :)