Monday, March 14, 2016

March Goals

March is flying right by.  It's going so fast, I feel like I'm barely holding on to its coattails and being dragged along for the ride.  This past weekend was my first weekend off in a month and it was spent just recovering from the week.  I was at work past 1am twice in the last week (normally, I'm done by 11:30pm and in bed sleeping by about midnight).  So, it wasn't a super productive weekend.  But, if I don't post my March goals soon, it's going to be April.

But first, February.. It was actually a pretty successful month.  Here's a recap:

  • Read Four Books. Success!  I read these four.
  • Exercise five times a week for 20 minutes a time.  Success!  Actually enjoying the treadmill?!  I never would have thought it was possible.
  • Morning Pages.  Failed!  Wrote maybe five times tops.
  • Celebrate Valentine's Day. Did great!  I left treats for my husband every day in his brief case from the 1st to the 14th, I sent Valentine's cards, and made goodie bags up for my coworkers that had to work that day at the hospital.
  • Try hand embroidery.  Really enjoyed it and will show you my first project soon.
  • Daily devotions.  Did pretty well.  Missed a few days here and there, but not many.
  • Make curtains for office and kitchen.  Fail.  Started the kitchen curtains but didn't get anywhere near done.
So, I was pretty happy with my success rate.  Always room for improvement but pretty solid considering February can be mind numbing in Wisconsin.

For March

  • Read four books.
  • Daily devotions.
  • Exercise five times a week for 30 minutes a time.  Thirty minutes didn't seem like that much of a stretch, but it's been stretching me.
  • Finish kitchen curtains.
  • Plan meals.  I feel like I throw out a lot of food, and eat more processed than I should, so I thought if I do better about planning, it should help.
  • Make one item of clothes for me.  Since I've lost some weight, I've noticed a lot of my clothes doesn't fit.  I found a dress I had cut out over a year ago, so I think I may finally sew that up.
  • Write daily in some form.  If it's not daily pages, than blog posts, letters to friends, or something else.  I got 642 Things to Write About for a birthday gift, so I'm going to try to give that a shot.

 So what are you shooting for in March?  Head over to the link up at My So Called Chaos to see everyone's posts.

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