Saturday, June 11, 2016

Unfinished Business... or Things I Should Have Finished Months Ago

Am I the only one that puts off things that has to be done, but then feels really good when I finally do it?  There's some things I just hate doing, so I let them hang around like a rain cloud, always waiting for me.  So, a couple Wednesdays ago I decided to tackle all this stuff that was hanging over my head- financial paperwork for my home loan, made appointments to get my car realigned (something I was supposed to do after I got new tires at Christmas time), get the oil changed, and set up with a new provider (mine moved) for my yearly physical.  And to cross all this stuff off felt great!  Afterwards I decided to reward myself with a trip to the greenhouse to buy some flowers and herbs, and I planted them that very evening, and then mowed the lawn.  It was a super productive day of crossing stuff off. 

But, it got me thinking, how much stuff do I have hanging over my head in other areas, weighing me down.  I decided to focus on my hobbies. 

And that dear friends, is what brought about this picture:

This is most of my unfinished sewing projects, and all the books I've started but not finished.  I'm guessing there's three quilts, a shirt, a dress (that showed up in very near the same state in a similar post nearly three years ago!), several tote bags, and an apron.  There's five books that I'm reading.  Some haven't been picked up for months. 

And... there's Craftsy.  I love Craftsy.  I've learned how to make homemade bread, how to cook hearty vegetarian, and how make fettuccine from scratch, but I have a tendency to sign up for classes and be all gung-ho, but then not finish them.  So, I have a handful of Craftsy classes I would really like to finish too.

So, I decided it's time to finish what I started and get through some of these projects.  It will clear out space in my craft room, clear out mental space to tackle new projects- because lets me honest, it's no fun to sew in a room full of half finished things staring at you.  It makes me feel like Santa and the Island of Misfit Toys.  And as for books, if they're not that good, I should just get rid of them, and if they are worth my time, finish them.

How about you guys?  I can't be the only one with a crazy amount of works in progress, can I?

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