Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September Goals and August Recap

We're already 13 days in to September!  It's crazy!  And I'm finally getting around to posting them.  Ugh!  But, I did have them made at the beginning of the month and met with my goals group already, things were just busy at the beginning of the month here on the blog.  So, let's jump right into how August went...

August Goals
  • Reestablish morning routine.  Doing better but still not there.  This is going to be really important with starting the new job and being back to working a day shift.
  • Start back with morning pages.  Ah no.  Like not at all.
  • Walk at least three times a week.  Another big fat no.
  •  Clean eating.  I maybe did a little better, but still have a long ways to go to get that back under control.
  • Sew twenty things for the upcoming craft fair.  Yes!  And have more ready to go!
  • Read six books.  Nope.  Only read three.
  • Four creative excursions.  Yes!  Went kayaking by myself, and spent three different days with three different friends.  Plus, took a little hike on a new trail with my baby brother, so I think this one went pretty well.
  • More blog posts.  I was aiming for twenty, but ended with fifteen, which was still my best month in 2016.

Here's what I'm to do this month:

  • Set weekly goals.  I think I'll do better with my monthly goals if I have a weekly attack plan.
  • Quiet time and exercise before turning the computer on.  I have a habit of turning on the computer and then getting sucked in for hours, neglecting things like my morning routine.  I think this will help turn that around.
  • Exercise three times a week. 
  • Read four books.
  • Twenty blog posts.  I came so close last month that I really want to see if I can do it this month.
  • Sew twenty things.  If I can make twenty things each month before the craft fair, my table will be well stocked.
  • Start Christmas shopping.  At the very least, make a list.  I want to be done with my shopping by December 1 so I can actually enjoy Christmas and all the festivities and not be stressed with shopping.
  • Gratitude journal or morning pages.  Aim to do one or the other each day.
So that's my September goals.  And don't forget to check out the link up over at My So Called Chaos to see what everyone else is working on this month!



  1. While I am not up for exercise first thing in the morning, I do my morning pages before I ever turn on the computer. Once they are done (and the first cup of coffee), I can turn it on. Also, breaking monthly goals down to weekly 'parts' is a great idea. You go, girl!

    1. Not turning computer on first thing in the morning has really helped me get more done in the mornings! Now, if I can just get that darn morning routine back in a groove! Thanks for the encouragement Judy!