Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Galentines Swap Reveal

We've reached that stretch where winter starts getting unbearable here in Wisconsin.  Christmas is done, we've made New Year's Resolutions, but the days are still short and cold and there's still snow.  So, when I saw that sign ups where open for Sweet Progress' Winters Swap or Galentine's Swap as they nicknamed this season's I knew I had to join.

I was paired with the lovely Sana from SuperSana.  She is gorgeous and a motivational dynamo blogging about healthy living and weight loss.  I feel like if she lived near me, I'd do a lot better about keeping on my fitness goals.  Check her out, she's awesome!

Her package arrived Friday and it was filled with treats that were right up my alley!

Galentines Swap

It was so nice out this weekend, that I did my pictures out on the deck!  The snow is rapidly melting, and although I'm sure we'll get a few more dustings, it does do good for my soul to see signs that spring is coming.  But, anyways, lets look closer, shall we.

The whole package was cushioned in a sea of hot pink tissue paper and inside was a large paper mache box which I can't wait to doll up as well as a cute card, Dove and Ghiradelli chocolates, and these treasures...

This adorable desk set in gold with blinged out paper clips, clips to organize papers, sticky notes, and erasers.

Gel pens.  I love these.   They write like a dream and jazz up list writing and notes, as well as a face mask.  I keep a basket of pampering goodies just for times when I need a little extra TLC.

And, a lovely pink potholder and polka dot dish towel.  I love pretty things that are also practical.  And, this adorable K initial necklace.  I where more necklaces now that I work at the credit union so this will be great to add to my rotation.

It was such a fun and thoughtful package and I'm looking forward to keeping up with Sana's blog.  If you want to see what everyone else got, you can head over to the link up.  And be sure to follow Mrs. AOK or Happy.Pretty.Sweet. so you can join in next time!


  1. Such a fun swap! I love practical gifts as well! Also, it wouldn't be Galentine's without chocolate, right?!

    1. Amen! Can you celebrate it without chocolate? it just doesn't seem right to.

  2. OH WOW!! What an awesome box!! I love that you received a necklace in your box. I got a necklace set in my fall box with leaves and my daughters and I split them up. Today we're wearing our leaf necklaces. :) I love these swaps, they are good for the soul, especially on cold gray days. Our weather has been funky lately, sunny then gray, then sunny, and I think we're supposed to get snow.

    Wisconsin, huh? How do you like it there, have you always lived there? I'm asking because it's one of the states that I may venture to in the near future. :) I've only drove through and when I did there was a terrible hail storm, yes I blogged about it. :D

    Thanks for swapping with us!!!

  3. That desk set is CUTE!!! Lots of great items.

  4. Love your box! The desk set is my favorite and the dish towel!

  5. :)!!!! Your Galentine's box recap is going up soon!! I am so happy we got paired together :) Thank you! www.supersana.com

  6. Love your box of goodies! Those gel pens look like fun!

  7. The desk set is so pretty, and gel pens are the best :)