Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another WIP Finished... and Another Waiting

So I finished by scrub top!  Yay, right?  Nope, more like, blah.  So here's where I was last I showed you guys:

All cut out and ready to go.

So I only had to sew it up.  It only had about six pieces to the whole thing.  Easy peasy right?  Well, I'm a strict direction follower so I go to pull out the directions, and they're not there.  I tore apart my sewing room and the more I thought about it, the more I don't remember seeing the directions when I pulled out the actual tissue paper pattern.  Oh well.  I tell myself it's only six pieces, I can do this.  I attach the pockets and sew it together.  I'm thinking it looks big, but you know, scrub tops are often baggie.  I had already decided to make the small, because the pattern hadn't gotten great views on Pattern Review's website.  Most people said it came out huge, etc, etc.  So I finish it.  Hold it up, and am having serious doubts.  I try it on, and they are confirmed.  The kimono sleeves, which I loved on the envelope, have morphed into some sort of bat wing sleeve type thing and the neck opening is like a long slit that just looks utterly ridiculous.  I won't model it for you, but here's a pic of it.

Super attractive scrub top.

I had also trimmed two inches off the bottom, because it looked way to long for my liking. So that might have unfairly contributed to the boxy look.  Also, it's a unisex pattern so I knew it wasn't going to be fitted, but it just looks awful.  Maybe this will teach me to quit buying patterns out of the bargain bin.  (This one was $2.99.)  Here's a closeup of the neck opening.

Weird looking neck opening.
But, at least it's done and I know not to try that pattern again.

I took some pics of another work in progress.  Here's a taste of the log cabin pillow slipcovers I'm working on.  I have never made a quilt, so I thought this would be a good place to start.  My living room is a deep burgundy, so I tried to pic colors that will coordinate with that.

Pillow slipcovers- WIP.
Anyhow, hope everyone has a great Sunday,  Good luck on any projects you're working on.  And if they don't turn out, just remember they probably don't look as dorky as my bat wing sleeved scrub top.

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