Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What I Found... At the Thrift Shop

So, yesterday I had a vacation day.  I thought about sitting at home and catching up on some sewing projects, but then I thought it'd be a shame to waste a vacation day just sitting at home.  So, I jumped in the car and made a trip to the city.  I decided to just hangout at all the shops I like for as long as I like, and it was pretty great.  I spent a good chunk of time at Michael's and Joann's, but my score of the day came from the Goodwill I stopped at first.  I keep my washi tape in a decorative teapot on my desk, but it's not very practical because I can't see what I have and sometimes I have to dump it all out on my desk to find one particular roll. 

I was at Goodwill and not really finding much, when I took a stroll through the shelves and baskets aisle, and stumbled across this cute little shelf type thing.  It's a box with twenty little compartments.  It was a little beat up but it was only $3.00.  I thought maybe I could sand it down and paint it.  Then I saw it had the magical blue tag, which meant it was half price- $1.50!  Can't pass up a deal.  Once I got home I wiped it down with some furniture spray and decided it didn't look too bad after all.

Lots of potential!

I didn't want to nail it to the wall, but it rests comfortably on my desk and holds all my washi tape, most of my embossing inks and powders, some ribbons, some of my favorite stamps, and just some miscellaneous office things.  Look how cute it is once it's all filled up!

It also doesn't really matter if it's a little beat up, because my desk is a mammoth, solid wood thing I got at a garage sale two years ago for $20.  (The desk is so huge, we had to take it apart to get it through my doorway, into my office.  And by we, I mean my husband, who totally doesn't understand why I'd rather have an old, nicked up, solid beast over a new, pressed wood thing.)

Here's one final shot so you can see the mammoth desk also.
Where I write, use the internet, sew, and stamp.
I love the little cubbies even more now that I have them all filled up!  It was definitely my favorite buy of the day, and also one of the cheapest.


  1. Kaylee! I didn't know you keep a blog! Reading this entry made me realize how much I miss being your pen pal. ;) NICE find, btw - it looks fabulous and so functional.


    1. Mandy-
      I just started recently. Mostly to motivate myself to be more creative. I have all these recipes I want to try, books to read, and things to make. I found that chronicling the process makes me more productive. :)

    2. By the way I miss being pen pals too. I should really send you some snail mail! Unfortunately I'm all out of friendship books and slams, but I still could write you. :)

    3. Sorry for the delayed reply - I didn't realize you'd responded to my comment until just now!

      The motivation behind your blog is a great idea; I've tossed around the idea of doing the same for awhile now, but haven't been able to get myself together enough yet. :P

      I'd love to exchange snail mail with you! I don't have any friendship books anymore either, so it's all good. ;)