Saturday, July 20, 2013

Around the Web

Here are some things I've really been loving on the internet lately:

  • KIVA is a website that always users to make $25 micro loans to industrious people all around the world.  I currently have three loans going.  You can see pictures of all of them in the Kiva badge over on my sidebar.  The great thing about Kiva is that it's a loan, so you get your money back.  (Unless your loan is defaulted on by the borrower, which I guess can happen, but I've had good luck so far).  When you receive your repayments, you can either loan the money again, or you can withdraw your money and spend it on whatever you like.  If you have any interest at all in helping those around the world who have less than you, Kiva is a great way to do it. You can find more information for yourself, and look at some of the people you can fund at my Kiva invite page.
  •  Soul Centererd Photography's note cards are the ones I had bought at Farmer's Market last week and just loved.  Turns out you she has a lot of her nature photography on her website.  If you love flowers or the outdoors, check out some of her galleries.  It makes me feel sad that I'm not a better photographer, but appreciative of those who have the gift.  Check out Soul Centered Photography here.  She also has an Etsy Shop if you want to buy some of your own note cards.
  • And speaking of Etsy... Are you trying to get your New Year's Resolutions back on track?  Then you should probably check out Clean Mama Printables.  She has lots of organizing lists and worksheets for you.  Whether it's cleaning your house, organizing your blog, budgeting, planning meals, or getting ready for Christmas.  I have a couple of hers for sewing projects and some for blogging.  Everything I've ordered comes fast and is really professional looking.

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