Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Few Favorites 12.1

Today's collection is pretty random, but I love them all the same.  :)

1.  Oh Mary Poppins!  You're so right.  We can become so frustratingly addicted to things that we let clutter overrun our lives, when really, enough is all we need.  And I think "enough" is far less than most of us think it is.  (Myself included.)

2.  I did good black Friday, and didn't buy a thing.  But, then I was reading my feed on Bloglovin' and saw that fellow Wisconsin girl, Noodlehead is having a sale through tonight on all her patterns, offering 20% off, so I did break down and buy the Super Tote pattern.  I've been drooling over it sense it came out a few months ago and I think it will make nice Christmas presents if I get my butt in gear and make some.  I've tried some of her patterns in the past and they're very professional and easy to follow.  Plus, they're instant downloads so within a few minutes of paying, you can get sewing.

3.  I like to support handmade any chance I can, so if you're looking for some great Christmas gifts, check out Buffalo Gal Organics.  I've bought her lip balm and it's awesome.  This woodland perfume sounds good too- scents of pepper berries, green tea, sandalwood and amber.  She's having big sales through Cyber Monday so check her out if you need perfumes, lip balms, face creams or mineral makeup for anyone on your list.

4.  Finally, these fudge nut oatmeal bars qualify as comfort food in my book.  My mom made them for me when I was little and I make them a couple times a year now.  They're not very healthy.  But they're so good.  And if you make them, you'll need a big glass of milk to wash them down with.

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