Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Music for a Snow Day

We've had a big snowstorm the last few days. Big, heavy, snowman making snow. Unfortunately, yesterday was the first day off I've had in nearly a week, so the closest I got to the snow was shoveling my deck and sidewalk. The rest of the day was spent baking cookies, sewing, and cleaning house. But, here is my snowy day play list. These songs make me wish I was out cross country skiing through the woods. There's just something so peaceful about being out in nature swooshing through snow.

Laura Veirs is one my favorites. She's kind of like a mellowed out Neko Case.   They both have this folksy, storyteller vibe.  Like they're telling you old fables and whispers of things you never knew about. 

Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) is Wisconsin's favorite son.  He grew up about an hour from here and still comes home often.  His first album was wrote in the winter, in his family's cabin, in the woods, so maybe that's why his music seems to fit so naturally with our snowy climate.

Fleet Foxes got me through a really yucky time in my life.  I was working a job I hated.  It was all I could do to get through each day at work.  I would leave for lunch around 11am and just go to McDonalds and get coffee and French fries and drive around for my half hour break listening to this CD, wishing I wouldn't have to go back.  It was a horrible environment and I think pretty much everyone I worked with felt depressed (looking back I'm sure French fries and coffee weren't helping my situation any).  But, life got better.  And, luckily, the CD doesn't bring back any bad memories, more like an appreciation for helping me survive.

But, anyhow, these songs make winter seem not so horrid.  They feel like a perfect companion to the fresh white snow covering everything here.  It all seems fresh and pure and undisturbed.  I kind of like that.

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