Sunday, December 21, 2014

5 Things- December 21

Another week down.  Can you believe we're almost done with 2014?  This year has been filled with happy moments along with disappointments, but I guess that's how every year is, right?  Here are things I'm loving, looking forward, or thinking about this week.

1.  Christmas cookies!  As in, I have hardly baked any!  I did make two loaves of babka for the hospital Christmas tea.  Basically, every department takes a day hosting the tea with a different theme.  The theme for our day was Christmas breads.  I forgot to take a picture of my bread, but here's a babka I made last year.  It's kind of like a rich coffee cake with its roots in eastern Europe.  I learned the recipe in my Craftsy Bread Making Class.  At this point, I'm kind of thinking Christmas cookies aren't worth the hassle.  I don't have anything else I need to serve them for, and I'll just end up eating 90% of them myself.  (Just ask the peanut butter cups I made two weeks ago.)

Walnut Babka

2.  2015 Goals!  I love making goals and to do lists and no time seems more perfect for new goals than a new year.  I took myself out for lunch on Friday to make a list of what I am hoping to accomplish in the coming year and some action steps for the bigger goals.

3.  Mastermind group!  I saw a link on Lemon and Raspberry a few months ago that was about how to start and run a mastermind group.  It sounded intriguing and it made sense.  Sometimes you need someone to push you on, brainstorm with you, and hold you accountable.  I had one friend in mind initially who would be great to pair with this, and shortly after another friend popped in my head.  It was crazy because the second friend and I are not very close.  We grew up together in the same 4H and stuff, and say hi when we run into each other, but we never really hang out together.  But, I had this feeling she'd be perfect for it.  I ran into her at church one Sunday and after the service we were chatting and I just sprang my plan on her.  And she was totally game. 

We met up with the other friend for supper a few weeks ago and we had a great first meeting.  I think it's going to be great.  We started a Facebook group and are going to try to meet once a month at least.  We all are driven and have big plans, but need someone to be pushing us along.  I think it's going to be great!  If you need help accomplishing your goals, I highly recommend at least looking into starting a group.  Think beyond your inner circle.  Sometimes what you need is not a friend, but an accomplice. 

4.   Christmas shopping is done!  (As long as my last packages from Amazon and Target get here in time.)

5.  Loving Spotify Premium!  They were giving a 3 month trial away for dirt cheap and I signed up.  I think I may be addicted.  No commercials, can I can listen to whatever I want on my cell phone instead of having my play lists shuffled.  I have it going almost constantly.

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