Thursday, February 5, 2015

Monthly Goal Link Up- February

Last Sunday, my Masterminds high bred group met up and we went over how our goals went last month and what we're hoping for this month.  Here's how I did (green= success and read= didn't make it):

January Goals
Read Four Books- I read four, even though they weren't the four I had been planning on.
Post 15 times on my blog-  Almost, I only managed 13 blog posts.
Work out four days a week- Succeeded three out of four weeks, but totally slacked off the last week.
Sew four things- Managed to do more than four and even got a jump on some birthday presents
Get my church's website back up and running- Done!  Finally!  It had been on my to do list for months.
Have a daily quiet time every day for Bible reading and reflection- Success!  I'm also rereading Simple Abundance and Something More (both by Sarah Ban Breathnach) every day.

So, I did fairly well, and even the things I didn't have total success on where improved from what I did in December.

Here are my goals for February:

February Goals
Read another four books this month.
Post 15 times on my blog.
Work out four days a week.  (Ugh!  Exercising is miserable.)
Try four new recipes.
Drink 96 oz of water a day.
Continue daily quiet time, and spend more time in prayer and reflection.
Save $100 towards summer vacation.

Monthly Goals

So,what do you think, any advice?  Right now exercise is my biggest pain.  I do it, but only because I know I'm supposed to, not because I like it or feel like it.  I keep waiting to get to that point where exercise feels good and I feel sad if I don't do it.

And, if you want to share your monthly goals and link up, click the above picture to be taken to the link up. 


  1. That's a lot of green, so that's awesome, and this month is going to be even better! :D I just know it. Thank you for joining us love!

    1. Well, February is going pretty bumpy so far, but I'm getting through it. :)