Monday, May 18, 2015

What's Your Favorite Color?

For years I never really had a favorite color.  I mean, there were colors I didn't like, and colors I liked, but no stand out as a favorite.  When I started blogging, I stumbled across Chaotic Goddess Swaps and I believe the second swap I participated in, was the Favorite Color swap.  I didn't really have a favorite, so I just chose eggplant.  It's a color I like.  The next year, I spent more time thinking about it and chose yellow.  Not fluorescent yellow, just bright yellow.  And now that the Favorite Color swap is rolling up again, I think I've finally decided on my favorite.  Yellow.  I want to be all "Kaylee loves yellow.  Yellow, yellow, yellow!" But anyways...

And if you aren't convinced yellow is awesome, just take a look at Van Gogh's use of yellow.

So what's the swap entail?  You get assigned a swap partner, and then make them a little goodie package of items in their favorite color.  You send at least five items, and the spending limit is $20-$30.

And... if you want to join in the swap, hurry because sign ups close today.

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