Saturday, May 2, 2015

Guess Who's Going Back to School!

Little known fact: I nearly finished my associates of arts and science degree through the University of Wisconsin years ago.  But after working full time and trying to take three to four classes a semester for several years I got burned out.  The final semester I was in school, my husband had open heart surgery, my dad found out he had cancer, and I found out that I had miscounted my credits and was not going to graduate after all and had to go for one more semester.

Fast forward fiver years to the present.  I finally decided it's time to go back and finish.  Why after all this time?  Well, I'm pretty much tapped out at my job as I've mentioned before.  I can't really go any farther without a degree of some kind, and really I don't really want to stay in healthcare anyway.  So, I'm looking into options for adult accelerated learning programs but the first step is finishing the associates.

So how many more credits do I need?  How much longer will it be?  Answers- one credit.  One measly credit is all I need for my associates.  So, I need to take one class this fall, and then I'll have my associates.  By the end of the year, I can cross this off my to do list.

And, so, in honor of finally going back to school, I have a delightful little video clip for your all. :)

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