Saturday, July 30, 2016

July So Far...

Since I'm striving to be authentic and real, here's a little recap of July for you...

Word to describe the month: Uncertainty!  
We're switching software programs at work, and it's looking like there will be less for Health Unit Coordinators to do.  A few of us were sent to a big hospital across the state, in Green Bay, on Thursday and when I get there, I found out they don't even use HUCs anymore.  Not a good sign, but this hospital is about 10 times larger than my hospital, so I haven't lost hope yet, still it's unnerving.  And, it's not like the job market is saturated here where I am.  On top of that, it's also been very slow at work lately, so they've been having us stay at home, and just be on call a lot. But on call pay is not much and it certainly doesn't pay the bills.

Watching: Doctor Who (season 9) and rewatching Firefly.  I love both these shows, although I still haven't warmed up to Peter Capaldi's Doctor.  He's okay, just not as much fun as Matt Smith or David Tennant.  But it's getting better.  Firefly is just so full of quirky characters that are flawed but lovable, it's been fun seeing them again.

Listening: A lot of Bon Iver and The Decemberists.  Typically, I find myself drawn to them more in the fall, but with all the uncertainty as of late, they've been in heavy rotation.

Reading (besides books): this great article from Yes and Yes about improving you blog without technical know how, this article from The Wonderforest about changing your life path, and this article from Takepart about how music can influence how we perceive flavors.

Working on: Some sewing for a craft fair this winter.  Some hand embroidery.  Gallery wall pictures.

Looking forward to: A fresh month.  I feel like July kind of spiraled away from me.  My eating got worse the more I got stressed thinking about work.  I took a lot of naps.  (Napping is like my coping mechanism when I'm stressed.  I know it does nothing to help the situation, but does put off dealing with the stress.  Tell me I'm not the only one who does this!) And, I justified eating potato chips when I was at work, because I was stressed, when it would have been much more beneficial for me to take a walk and get some fresh air or go down to the cardiac rehab lab and walk on a treadmill or something.  Consequently, my weight is up about three pounds and my body feels pretty blah.  Gotta get back on track!

Photo Highlights:
July Highlights

1. The other day, when I was on call, so I took a drive near where I grew up.  This creek is a spot where my dad used to take my brother and I redhorse fishing in the spring.  2.  Beets.  These aren't fresh from the garden, but aren't they pretty?  There's just something about beets.  3.  New coffee shop I discovered.  It was every thing a coffee shop should be, warm and inviting with good drinks, and bonus:  they were handing out free fudge samples.  4.  Cherries.  It's been a great year for cherries and I've ate more this summer than probably the last five years combined!

So tell me how your July was.  What word would sum it up?  Or what are you looking forward to?  Are you going somewhere?  New book coming out by an author you love?  Spill it, I want to hear how you're doing!

And, if you're not familiar with Bon Iver, here's a little taste.  He's by far the most successful local artist I know of.  (Local meaning he grew up about an hour from here and still comes back to town pretty frequently.)

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