Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Using Essential Oils to Clean Naturally- Peppermint

I have two cats, and while I love them, they definitely make more work in the cleaning department.  There's all the cat hair that needs to be vacuumed up, litter box, cat toys scattered around the house, and food and water dishes.  Sometimes, I feel like they leave the house smelling a little less than fresh.  So, a lot of times when I vacuum I use baking soda to deodorize, and I add some essential oils to make it smell fresh.

It's super simple.  Just throw some baking soda in a bowl.  I usually use about a cup.  Add essential oils of your choice.  I usually prefer peppermint or grapefruit.  Stir in about 10 drops our so.  Then, you just sprinkle it over your carpeting.  I usually just use my hand but have used a flour sifter before to get it really evenly dispersed.  Then, you just let it sit for a little bit.  I usually wait fifteen minutes or so.  Then you just vacuum it up.  If you have a bag vacuum, you may not want to do it all the time, because then you're just filling your bags with scented baking soda, but if you have a canister, it works great!

I was recently introduced to New York Biology's.  If you're looking for a source for affordable essential oils, you should check them out.  Shipping was fast and I was very happy with the quality of the oils.  Smells just as it should, they're pure oils, and bonus- they even come with a handy dropper which gives you much better control over how many drops get dispensed.  They're also very affordable.  Right now on Amazon, you can get one ounce of peppermint for $14.50. 

I received a free sample of New York Biology's peppermint oil in exchange for an honest review through Tomoson.  All opinions are my own. 


  1. Your couple of posts on essential oils has been on the hunt for them. I let my supply run out and not replaced. Especially needed is the 'sleepy spray' I get from the local real foods store. Lavender among other things to promote sleep. And the little one loves spraying her pillow and grandma's pillow.

    1. Ohhh. That's sweet Lady K has to spray your pillow for you. :) I love lavender! It's probably the one I go through the most, followed by peppermint.