Friday, August 26, 2016

5 Sewing Blogs You Need to Know- Summer 2016 Edition

The blogging world is saturated with lots of people blogging about all sorts of things, and it can be easy to just kind of have blinders on and read the same bloggers all the time, but be missing out on some really great ones in the meantime.  So, I am going try to give a little quarterly review of some great bloggers you may be missing.

First up... the sewers/ quilters.  If you sew or quilt, want to learn, or just like a little creative inspiration, you really need to check these ladies out.

1. Sew Mama Sew- If you've been sewing for a while, you've probably checked this one out before, but if not, you really should.  It's the perfect blend of skills and projects.  There's hundreds of tutorials and many are great if you are looking for something quick to whip up.

2. Oonaballoona- Marcy Harriell aka Oonaballoona is a sewing machine.  She alters her patterns and whips up these amazing creations that are beautiful and crazy and wonderful.  I wish I had 10% of her sewing skills.  If you don't sew, you still have to see her awesome fashion sense. 

3. Sew Can She- Another place to find lots of great, quick tutorials- everything from pot holders to bags to dolls.  And she always has the cutest fabric!  I have a ton of her projects pinned to my Pinterest sewing board.

4.  Noodlehead- The online home of  Anna Graham.  She's a fellow Wisconsinite who sews beautiful bags.  I've made her Super Tote several times.  Here's one I made for a friend for Christmas and here's another I made for a different friend.  I also have a 241 bag I made for myself, using her pattern, but I don't think I ever photographed it.  She also has great tutorials and pattern reviews on her blog.

5.  Charm About You- The only non-American on this list, Lucy is from the UK.  She sews the cutest projects and quilted things with the most adorable fabric.  If you're at all interested in English Paper Piecing, you have to check her out.  She also frequently shows of fabric, notion, and stationery hauls that usually make me fall down a rabbit hole, checking out the Etsy shops she purchased from.

So now the next time you need a little sewing inspiration, give one of these a try.  And if you know of a sewing blog you think I should check out, leave me the link below!

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