Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Finish- Pillow Slip Covers Older than my Blog

Finally finished!
These pillow slip covers have been a WIP for the quite a while.  I bought the pillows on Joann's last Easter.  (I remember because they had a great deal on shipping.)  I blogged about them on July 21 of last year and I finally finished them March 17 of this year.  So why'd they take so long?  I'm not really sure.  The log cabin pattern is pretty easy and non stressful to follow.  I did run low on browns and have to get a couple fat quarters so I'd have enough of a variety, but that was about the only road block.  Finally, last week I decided I was going to finish them no matter what.  And I did. 

Most of the fabric came right out of my stash.  I had planned on making a tree skirt that was patchwork and then changed my mind so a lot of the reds and greens got moved over to this project bag.  I also wanted the slip covers to match, but not be exact copies of each other, so I used the same fabrics but not in the same spots.

For the back, I just used the envelope method, where you cut two rectangles the width of the pillow but the length of them together is more than your pillow's length, so the excess overlaps and hides your pillow form.  Here's a picture of the fabric I chose for the backs.

Tan herringbone fabric for the back.
You can't really make out the pattern, but it's a an herringbone that I think looks nice and ties everything together well.  The covers are far from perfect.  They're slightly too big, but I think that's better than slightly too small.  Most of all, it's just nice to finally have them done and sitting on my couch.  And all in all, they turned out far better than I thought they would!  And it felt super good to put a date next to them on my WIP list.

Stop by tomorrow to see what awesome goodies I got from my Mug O'Comfort swap partner!

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