Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Queue Up- What You Should Be Watching on Netflix

I think I mentioned before that we don't have cable or a dish at our house.  We do have an antenna so we get PBS and the local ABC, NBC, FOX, and CW channels.  But, since I work so many nights, most of what I watch is on Netflix.  Lately, there's been a lot of good stuff added, and winter is coming, so you're going to want to stay inside more....  Here's what I've been streaming.

Bletchley Circle
Netflix only has season one, but it works as a mini series of sorts.  It's three episodes about four women who worked as code crackers during World War II, but are now living as civilians sense the war has ended.  The four reunite to try to catch a murderer on the loose.  The four friends are quite different- their old boss is a librarian, one girl is a free spirit, one is timid and stuck in a bad marriage, and the main character is happily married with two children.  It's not a perfect series and there's a little bit of implausibility to it, but it's a sweet little series originally from PBS.  Plus, the clothes, hair and make up is pretty awesome.

Season 9 was just added to instant.  I love this show, but never keep up with it on tv due to work.  Is there anyone not familiar with Bones and Booth and the gang?  I like how Bones has evolved from the start but the essence of her character has remained in tack.  She's still analytical and thinking, but she's gotten better at understanding emotions and empathizing with her friends.

The Killing
Netflix produced a fourth and final season for this AMC show.  Warning: This series will suck you in!  Most episodes end on a cliffhanger.  Season one and two are one murder investigation, season three is a hunt for a serial killer, and season four is a big murder investigation, that ties in with their actions at the end of season 3.  I love detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder.  They both make frustratingly stupid decisions at times, and face the consequences.  Linden especially irritates me at times but you're still always routing for them and their friendship feels real.  Warning, this one can be kind of gory with some sexual content.

Arrested Development
A comedy!  And a pretty funny one at that.  I first watched it a couple years ago, then rewatched it when season 4 came out on Netflix.  Now I'm rewatching it again.  The jokes are just so good.  And I love how they circle around to something that happened episodes ago and suddenly it all makes sense.  This series is so intricately planned out.  It's just great.  If you haven't watched it before, watch it!  And if you had, it's probably time you rewatch it. 

Let me know what you recommend on Netflix!  I'm always looking for new things to add.


  1. Midsomer Murders, contemporary British murder series...many seasons of it...Rosemary and Thyme, another great British show. Lie to Me is another good one.