Thursday, April 16, 2015

Busy Bias Apron Pattern Review

So I have some new birthday gift sewing presents I can reveal now because they have finally been given to their intended recipient.  Here's the first one:

One of my best friends has a February birthday and she had asked me months ago about making her a cobbler's apron because she doesn't like the kind that loop over your neck.  I had a hard time finding any cut cobbler apron patterns, but after searching through various apron patterns on Etsy, I finally came across the "Busy Bias Apron Pattern".

I liked it because it was reversible and just slipped over the head, no neck ties, but still looked nice and girlie.  I thought it might fit the bill, so I ordered it. 

The pattern is an actually tissue paper pattern which has pros and cons as a cat owner.  Pro is that you don't have to tape together 25 pages like a PDF, con is cats love tissue paper and I had to finally lock the little fur babies out of my sewing room because they kept laying on the pattern and trying to attack it whenever I smoothed or moved it.

Lori loves green, and I had some Amy Butler fabric that has been in my stash for years which I thought would be perfect.  I did have to buy the green lining fabric, but it wasn't very pricey.  I think the finished results turned out pretty cute!

I actually think I may like the solid green side even better though.  (Don't mind the wrinkles.)

So let's break the pattern down shall we:
  • Pattern comes with child through adult sizes
  • No interfacing or zippers
  • Goes together very quickly
  • Clear directions
  • It's cut on the bias so it takes quite a bit of fabric.  (But without cutting it that way, it wouldn't lay so nice so.)
  • Since it is a tissue paper pattern, you have to trace it if you plan on making it in different sizes. 
  • Tissue paper is perhaps a little too cat friendly.  (But if you don't have cats you don't have to worry about this.)
All in all, I'd make this pattern again.  I think the end results are pretty cute.  And Lori seemed to like it when we finally got together a few weekends ago to celebrate our birthdays.

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