Monday, April 13, 2015

Musical Mondays- Middle Distance Runner from Sea Wolf

Monday, Monday, Monday.  Another week is under way.  I had my meeting with my two friends to discuss our April goals.  We met later in the month than normal due to Easter and work schedule conflicts.  I always feel so motivated after these meetings.  Like I can take on anything I want.  But, then life gets in the way- work and laundry and grocery shopping and errands that need to be run, and before I know it, it's the end of the month and I've only accomplished half the things I planned on doing.

My song choice for the week is in a similar vein.  Sea Wolf's "Middle Distance Runner" is more a song about relationships, but thinking about trudging on towards ones goals.  One verse in it fits pretty well.
Well my heart is beating hard
And I'm off with a shot at the start
And my legs tremble from strain
But by the finish line I'll drain
That's how I feel a lot of times about life goals. But I don't feel as depressed about it as the song sounds.  Working towards goals are kind of like wearing away at a brick wall slowly by slowly.  There's progress, albeit slow progress.

So, I hope you all are slowly wearing away at the brick wall of your goals.  Keep pressing on. And you know, all that other motivational stuff. ;)  

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