Friday, August 2, 2013

Around the Web August 2, 2013

So here's some links of cool things I've found on the internet this week:

Fund The Everyday Maxi Dress from a-thread apparel on Kickstarter.  They're trying to raise $10,000 to use in production of a great quality, thick fabric, maxi dress in two different styles, made in the USA.  The best part about it is they will send you one of these high quality maxi dresses if you just fund $25 towards their campaign.  I'm sure people pay more than that for a chintzy maxi dress.  I'm not getting any sort of kickback out of this, I just think it's a great deal for something that isn't going to wear out after three wearings like most off the rack clothing.  Check it out:

Want to try your hand at sewing, but not sure where to start?  Here's a tutorial for a super cute pillowcase from Sew Mama Sew.  It's an easy starter proect, great for new sewers or kids and it takes a yard of fabric.

Finally, The Art of Non-Conformity has a great article on their site from June called The One Year Alternative Graduate School Program that is filled with things to help you become a more well rounded person, intellectually.  Some of the recommendations are start a blog, acquire three new skills, and read 30 nonfiction books and 20 classic.I would love to eventually do all of these. Great for those who always want to be learning something

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