Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hexi Pieced Card Tutorial

Hexi quilting is super big right now.  I love the look of hexis but I have no where near enough skill to attempt a quilt with them yet.  I do have a pattern for a pouch featuring hexis but I'm too nervous to even try that yet.  But, I did find a way to add more hexagons to one of my other hobbies- card making!

Stampin' Up had a new set up hexigon shaped stamps in the newest catalog and a hexigon punch to go with it.  I bought both, but so far I've been using the punch much more than the stamps.  To make these cards you'll need: some blank cards and envelopes, scraps of scrapbooking or bright colored paper, glue, and a hexigon shaped punch (square or triangle punches would work too).  I also stamped a little sentiment on the card, you can if you want to our just skip it if you don't.

So you punch out a bunch of hexis.  And then just start gluing. 

I've found that doing two rows work best because all that added paper adds a little weight to your card.  Place your first hexi so one of the edges is flush with the left sided edge of your card.  Then, place the next hexi below it, so it's half on, half off your card and one sided it butted right up to the bottom left side of your card.

Then just continue doing this across the front of your card until you have two rows.  You'll have some hexis hanging over on the right side of your card too.

Then just stamp your sentiment, if you want one, and trim the edges.  Voila, easy as that.

Save any leftover hexis for future cards or scrapbooking.

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