Saturday, August 17, 2013

What I Got at Farmer's Market- August 17

So, Farmer's Market is pretty much in full swing now.  I worked day shift Wednesday and wasn't able to go, so I got up early today, even though I had worked last night, and headed out.  Here's what I found:

I found lots of fresh goodies this time.  Let me say, I love tomatoes.  My pear tomato plant has been going gang busters, but my Polish heirloom tomatoes have been struggling, so I wanted some fresh tomatoes.  There was beautiful heirlooms in purples, and reds, and yellows, huge tomatoes that looked super juicy, and then there were these tomatoes.  They look good, but not like the rest.  So why I'd buy them?   Because I am an absolute sucker for grandma ladies.  I got my tomatoes, beans, and raspberries from the same little lady that I bought the hen and chicks plant from last time.  Her prices are cheaper than a lot of the others, but I actually picked her because she's a little grandma lady trying to make some extra income.  But next time, I'm going to get some juicy looking heirlooms.

I got an eggplant that looked a hundred times better than the half mush ones I was eyeing at the grocery store last time I was shopping.  It was from a family run stand and there were two cute little boys offering bags and to help.  I had to get something from them and I actually wanted an eggplant so it worked well.

I found some fresh salad greens.  Now that it's gotten hot, my deck plants are pretty much giving up.  They're seeding out just not producing.

There was someone selling Wildtree, so I got some flatbread mix to try.  Between this and the Craftsy Artisan Bread Class I'm taking, I should be good on carbs for a while.

I got thirteen ears of sweet corn for less than I pay in the grocery store, a cup of yummy coffee to go on my way out, and a jar of delicious pickles.  Seriously, I think I'll have the whole jar gone before the weekend is through!  I love pickles and these are super good!

So, it was another good visit to Farmer's Market.  I love buying local, and I love knowing who I'm buying from.  

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