Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Book Recap

So February started out great.  I was reading quite a bit, but then it tapered off quickly.  I'm not really sure what took up my time instead.  I know some of it was sewing, but I'm assuming I let the internet suck up more of my time than I should have as well.  But, here's my recap of what I read and what I acquired.

  • Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children- This was a book I received from my Books n Bloggers partner.  It was pretty interesting.  I didn't realize it was a YA Book until I was reading it, but it was still highly entertaining, slightly confusing, and kept me up late reading it.  It kind of gave me a feel similar to "The Chronicles of Narnia".
  • The Letters- This was an interesting epistolary novel.  I find those to be tiring sometimes, but in this case, you really got a feel for both of the main characters.  It's an estranged husband and wife writing back and forth discussing what went wrong.  It ends on a good note and it's a fast read.
  • Angry People- This was a book I read with my morning devotions exploring different instances of anger in the Bible.  I like some of Warren Wiersbe's devotionals and that's what made me pick it up.
  • None!  It's not even that I was good and stayed away from books.  I went to the thrift store, but didn't find anything I couldn't live without and so I didn't add anything new to my shelves. 

Totals for the Year:
Read- 7     Bought- 8


  1. Hey, props for not adding to the shelves! :)
    I'm sorry you didn't get as much read but 3 books is still good, especially when you're juggling life aside from. I haven't sewn anything in years now, but I read plenty, and would rather have your kind of balance- well done!

    1. Yeah, and I think I'm back on track this month. February was just hard emotionally! I think it's a combo of the cold and snow, and being another year old. It made me just want to lay in bed and sleep all the time. :)