Monday, March 2, 2015

Musical Mondays- Our Own House

Guys!  It's March now!  I feel like spring can't be far off now.  It's sunny today and the weather guys are even projecting highs of 40s later in the week.  It's amazing how much better a little sunlight can make you feel!
I also had the March meeting with my Masterminds meeting on Saturday and I just feel so encouraged after talking to them.  We all had a tough February but are all about brainstorming ways to reach this month's goals.  What's better than supportive friends, good food, and sitting around with coffee talking about your dreams?

Saturday night my husband and I went on a date (just out to eat in town but we actually planned it ahead instead of just going because we didn't feel like cooking) and we spent all day Sunday just hanging around the house together.  A couple weeks ago it dawned on me that we only have four days off together a month.  Wednesdays are usually my day off, so once he gets off work we have Wednesday nights off together too.  But that's about it.  I work second shift with alternating weekends and holidays and he works first shift Monday through Friday.  So I think it's important to purposely spend time together.

Anyhow, I'm finally back to share a musical Monday post.  I actually won My So Called Chaos' January Musical Monday giveaway and chose Alt-J's MP3 album This is All Yours.  (Which FYI- is really good!)  And be prepared, because this week's pick is probably my most upbeat choice in months!

It's Misterwives song "Our Own House" and I think it's the perfect pick for when winter is every so slowly turning into spring.  Just listen to it.  How can you not hopefully after listening to such an upbeat song?

Want to see what everyone else picked this week?  Check out Musical Monday at My So Called Chaos and be sure to enter her giveaway.  Maybe you'll be the winner this month.

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