Tuesday, June 9, 2015

May Book Recap

May was an interesting reading month.  I didn't get much reading in until about 2/3 of the way through the month, but I did finally finish a couple books that had been taking me forever to get through so it was nice to finally move them off my Goodreads "Currently Reading" shelf.  And, the only two books I added were from Bookmooch, so they didn't cost me a sent.

What I Read
Blog Inc was gifted to me from Miss Angie of My So Called Chaos as a prize from her Blogentine's Giveaway.  It was really interesting, and I actually learned quite a bit.  It fired me up to make some changes to the aesthetics of my blog as well as updating my pages and I have more big ideas to come, thanks to this book.
A Chance to Die by Elisabeth Elliot is a biography of Amy Carmichael, the missionary who started an orphanage in India in the early 1900s.  It started out soooo slow, but about half way through it picked up and I managed to get through second half fairly fast.  It was very interesting and I really liked that Elliot didn't paint Amy as this perfect paragon of virtue, she talked about character flaws and struggles Amy had, which was very refreshing, and almost makes you respect the work she did all the more.  And as an interesting side note- the author is also a missionary, who lost her husband in 1956 to an attack from the Amazonian tribe they were trying to work with.
Called to Greatness by Ron Hutchcraft has been on my bookshelf for quite a while, and I finally decided to read it.  It's a book about Christianity and living your life as a light.   As a Christian, it was kind of a wake up call and was a good read.

What I Acquired
The Last Dickens by Matthew Pearl is a historical fiction.  I've already read Pearl's books The Dante Club, and The Poe Shadow which were both super interesting.  He really has this skill of weaving a great storey into a historical setting.
Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller is a book I've heard lots about but haven't read it and when I saw it was on Bookmooch, I decided I didnt' have much to lose. 

2015 Totals
Total Read: 17      Total Aquired: 23


  1. The last two books you read sound very good. I will have to watch for them.

    1. They had both been sitting on my bookshelf for over a year. :) I really need to get better about reading books after I buy them.