Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Goals: Exercise!

I hate exercising.  I was doing pretty good this summer, but then got out of the habit this fall and am back to my unmotivated, flabby self.  So, for 2015, I am making it a goal.  I'm planning on exercising 4 times a week in January. 

I felt better when I was exercising regularly.  I had more energy. I felt healthier, even my posture improved.  But now that I've stopped it feel so hard to start again.  So, I'm trying a few things to get/keep me motivated.

I joined Fabletics (personal referral link), and picked the salar baby boot pants, and the miri tank combo.  I like the pants a lot (even if I had to get the x-large).  I have a sway back and tiny waist with big hips, so the tank fits kind of funny, but it'll be fine for around the house when I'm doing pilates or putting in time on the treadmill.

I'm also trying to log my workouts.  Just in my day planner, but I think writing it down helps.  I'm the kind of person that gets great satisfaction from crossing things off my to do list.  So, just writing "work out" in my planner, and then crossing it off after I've done it helps.

Also, I'm not focusing on weight loss.  I know exercise has great benefits for mental health and creativity besides the weight loss, so I'm just focusing on doing it regularly and the weight loss will come.  I don't have a goal of how much or how fast, just focusing on the exercising for now.

Finally, I was going to post some cute Pinterest quote about exercising, but let's just keep it simple, exercise is really not optional if you want to be healthy.  Even if you're one of those lucky people who can weigh 100 pounds while living on potato chips and Mountain Dew, exercise is necessary for your mental health.  So, I just have to make myself do it more.

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