Sunday, January 4, 2015

5 Things January 4- The First of 2015

We're into the new year.  I love how fresh and possible everything seems at the start of the new year!  I have thoughts like "By the end of 2015, I could be a size 6!" and "I have 365 days to read all these books!" and "It's going to be my most organized most awesome year of blogging ever!"  Ah!  Here's to fresh beginnings!

1.  First "Masterminds" meeting of 2015 went great.  We met yesterday, had fajitas and then drank coffee while we talked about our January goals.  It was fun to see what everyone was hoping to accomplish.  We brainstormed for a while too on some ways to get through roadblocks keeping us from our goals.  It felt fresh and productive and I can't wait for the February meeting.

2.  Yesterday I made my twenty-forth loan on Kiva.  I've had ten that have been fully paid back, and with the repayments I funded more loans.  I only have two that are delinquent.  One is a loan to Sierra Leone, and Kiva sent updates stating some of the borrowers there succumbed to Ebola and the economy has been hit hard, so some loans will not be repaid while others will need to be restructured.  I have not heard if my borrower is okay or not yet.  The other delinquent loan is in Benin, Africa, which has also been affected by Ebola.  But, not getting repaid is risk you take when you use Kiva, and it's happened very rarely to me.  If someone has lost family members to Ebola or their business has folded because people are scared to leave their homes, I'm not really going to sweat my $25.  All my other loans have been repaid or are being repaid without incident.  I really recommend Kiva and if you're interested in trying it out, but have questions, leave me a comment.

3.  Did any of you Doctor Who fans know that David Tennant and Catherine Tate starred in a production of "Much Ado About Nothing" in 2011?  I stumbled across the trailer on Twitter and I really want to see it now.  You can download it online.  Here's the preview.  What do you think?

4.  My dad built me a bird feeder for Christmas.  I have one outside my sewing room window, but the one my dad built is mounted right to my deck.  It' super easy to fill, because I don't have to stomp through snow drifts, it's right outside my kitchen window, and the birds love it.  Consequently, HB loves the feeder, because it gives him an excuse to sit on my kitchen counter and watch the birds.
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5.  Good news!  My next working schedule is straight PM shifts!  Yay!  No day shifts for this girl.  It took some finagling but my coworker that loves day shifts and I were able to mash or schedules into her being on straight days and myself being straight PMs!  I'm so happy!  You have no idea!

So, here's to a happy start to 2015 wished for all of you and we'll talk more soon!


  1. I've been wanting to see that Much Ado for months- I didn't know it was available for online download. YAY! Thanks! Where?
    And yay Kiva! I've made 8 loans through them, with the same capital re-loaned every year. Gotta love the program!

    1. Here's the link to rent it.