Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Book Recap

So I didn't make t through all four of my books that I had planned on reading this month. I made it through the first three, but got hung up on the biography of Amy Carmichael.  I plan on finishing it, but will be moving on to four more picks for February to read as well.

Here are the books I finished and can now liquidate from my collection as well as new ones I've acquired in the past month.

  • Infinite Grace- It's a devotional I was reading in the mornings along with my Bible and some other books.
  • The Ultimate Gift- (Okay this is the DVD in the picture, I already gave the book to a friend.) The book was kind of hokey.  I mean, the message was good, but it was kind of heavy handed in parts and more than a little unrealistic.  But like I said, the message good.  The DVD was much better than the book.  They followed the book loosely and developed the characters and their backgrounds much more than the book did.
  • The Bookman's Tale- This was a book I got from my Secret Santa swap partner.  I love a good bibliophile mystery and this was a fun ride.  It had murder, secret passages, and three different stories that all wove together.
  • The Invisible Ones- This book was compared to Tana French's books which may be a bit of a stretch, but it was a pretty good read.  I don't recall ever reading anything about modern day gypsies before so that was interesting.  It was well written but I figured out the mystery well before the detective in the book did.  But, it was still a good read.
  • The Lace Reader
  • Gone Girl 
  • Mrs. Peregine's Home for Peculiar Children  (All three aquired in January's Books n Bloggers swap.)
  • Traveling Light
  • Onward and Upward in the Garden
  • A Godward Life (These three all from the St Vinnie's in my friend, Lori's, town.)
  • I'd Know You Anywhere
  • Life Sentences

    The first three are from my Books n Bloggers swap partner, and you can read more about them in my swap reveal post.    The middle three I got from the St Vinnies when I went to visit my friend Lori.  I've been looking for Onward and Upward in the Garden for a while.  It's by EB White's wife, Katherine White and in Simple Abundance, she frequently talks about it.  The last two are both by Laura Lippman and they were on clearance for 99 cents each at Goodwill.  Can't pass that up.
In closing, I acquired more than I read, but I still got rid of some and I'm reading more than I used to.  I also threw some other books in the Goodwill box, so if you take that into account, it may come out about even.

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