Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Finishes- Simple Dish Towel Spruce Up

What do your dish towels look like?  If you're like me, they are stained, dingy, and old.  I was thinking back to when I bought most of them, they're mostly from when I first moved out of my parents house- 10+ years ago!  The majority of the remainder came with my husband when we got married, which was almost 8 years ago.  There's a few here and there that I got as gifts or picked up on clearance at Target or something.  But anyways, the majority are old and dingy.

Why do I keep things that are old and dingy?  Dish towels don't cost that much to replace.  I use them everyday.  Why am I keeping something ratty and discolored when I could have something nice and fresh for minimal investment.

So, I bought some colored tea towels and jazzed them up with some fabric out of my stash.  I just cut a strip about four inches wide and the width of my towel, sewed it down, topstitched all four sides and ta dah!  New dish towels, with a personal touch.

Out with the Old, In with the New

As for the ratty old ones, they're in the rag bin for dusting.

I'm rereading Simple Abundance this year, and one of the things they constantly stress is taking joy in the small things in life.  You need to indulge in simple things: buy yourself fresh flowers, don't save the good china for just when company comes, contemplate life over a cup of tea.  I think making something pretty just for yourself (not for a gift, not because you have to, just for you, just because) is also a way to be joyful in small things.  I know I like looking at my new towels much better than the old ones.

What's something you can do to spread a little joy in your life?

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