Monday, January 26, 2015

Musical Monday- Brownlow by Lapsley

I kind of like female electronic music.  I've already done Musical Monday posts on songs from Zola Jesus, Ritual Union, and Joy Wave so I definitely see the pattern here.  Which is kind of weird, because if someone asked me to name my musical preferences electronica wouldn't even be in the list.

But anyway, here's my latest love.  It's British artist Lapsley's song "Brownlow".  I couldn't find a video to go with it, and had a hard time even finding lyrics.

But the line that really stands out to me is :
It's like I'm jumping to a pool that I don't know where the bottom end is
[?] her and I don't know if I am sure of this
But I live for the moment
My life on the turn when it comes down to this
I mean doesn't that just perfectly sum up life?  Jumping into a a pool and not knowing where the bottom is?  And isn't living for the moment how you want to live?  I know that's me.  Not that I want to just wing it, but I want to enjoy all the little moments that we take for granted every day.  Savor that cup of coffee.  Watch the birds picking at the sunflower seeds on the feeder.  Really watch the fluffy snowflakes falling.

So today, I just want to stress savoring small things.  Pay attention.  It is true that life is made up of small things and if you only live for that trip you're planning, that new job your starting, that jacket you want to buy, well, you're going to miss out on all the little things that life is just waiting to show you.

And, it's Monday, so you should certainly head over to Miss Angie's and see what everyone else is listening to.

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  1. Ooh, I've never heard that before but I like it! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up! It really does sum up life... I like those lyrics you picked out too.