Monday, January 19, 2015

Musical Monday- "To You I Bestow" from Mundy

So last week I was talking about how much I loved "Lord of the Rings", but am just not feeling "The Hobbit".  The overwhelming consensus was that I needed to give "The Hobbit" another chance.

 So, then I got thinking about movies I had loved in high school.  Remember before Netflix when you had to physical go to the store to rent a movie?  We didn't have a Blockbuster here, but there were three main spots to get movies: Video Hut (which also offered tanning in the back), Ace Hardware (yes- the helpful hardware place had a pretty big selection of VHS tapes too), and Eastmart (a gas station in town).

I remember when I was in the eighth grade I stayed overnight at a friend's house and we convinced her older brother to take us uptown to rent a movie.  We had to stop at Radioshack so he could get OMC's "How Bizarre" on CD.  (Crazy that I remember that.)  And then we went to Ace and rented "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet".  We both thought Leonardo DiCaprio was sooo cute.  Needless to say, we loved the movie!  I loved that the setting was updated but the dialogue was kept authentic.  I bought it, and both soundtracks and listened to them all the time!  My brother actually bought me the 10th anniversary edition for my birthday a couple years ago.

But I digress, the soundtrack has aged fairly well.  It has an overall grunge feel, but it's still a good play.  One of my favorite songs on it was Mundy's "To You I Bestow". 

Enjoy the throwback.  How about you?  Any '90s movies you enjoyed?  And want to see what everyone else is listening to?  Go to My So Called Chaos and check out the Musical Monday link up. 

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